HellYeahMU provides you high quality gaming experience with the best mmorpg online game. Enjoy the old version of Mu Online game with hardcore rate in old season! Call your friends, create your team and enjoy winning in the best rates of mu online game.

[Valentines Events]
Happy Valentine's everyone! Experience and chaos machine success rates will be increased for 4 days starting from February 14, 2018. You can check our forums for more informations [View]
[Store Warning]
We added important notice on personal store in game. You must remove all items from personal store before character reset. Otherwise all items will be deleted in your personal store.
[New Start]
We will restart our server with a fresh database on January 26, 2018 at server time 17:00 p.m. New server will have reset system enabled.
You can level up very fast with our off-level system in our server. Level up when you are offline at work and school, PvP and build up when you are online in game! [View]
[Reset System]
Reset system is enabled in our season 1 server. You can reset your character in website > user modules in characters page. For PvP balance we configured different stat bonus for each class [View]
Event Name Time Left
Happy Hour -18:-6:-31
Golden Invasion -18:-6:-31
White Wizard -18:-6:-31

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